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Tiksteve started tattooing in 2000 at a small studio Fantasies in Flesh located in Ridge NY.  After his start there he moved on to several studios over the next year until landing at Lucky cat Tattoo a studio in Miller Place NY, where he stayed until 2006 when he opened up Electric Tiki Tattoo in Holbrook NY. He kept  Electric Tiki Tattoo open for 4 years and then decided to downsize to a smaller more personal studio. In 2010  he opened Studio 520 in Oakdale NY, after 3 years Tikisteve decided to close his studio and move away from ownership. That is when he went to work at Irish Jay Tattoo in Miller Place NY, and has been working there since December of 2013.


Thank you very much for your interest in my work. This page is to showcase my artwork in both tattooing and other forms. Thank you for looking and hope to hear from you in the future.



Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

  • Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo!
  • When you get home: Remove bandage within 1 - 2 hours after getting your tattoo. Do not re-bandage. Your tattoo needs to breathe, just like any open wound.
  • Wash your tattoo with an anti-bacterial liquid soap. Be gentle, do not use a washcloth or anything that will exfoliate your tattoo. Only use your hands.
  • Gently pat your tattoo dry with a paper towel. Do not rub, or use a fabric with a rough surface.
  • The first 3-4 days: Rub a small amount of ointment on your tattoo. You may use Aquaphor, or A&D ointment.  Always use clean hands and do not place your fingers back into the ointment after touching your tattoo. Make sure to rub the ointment in so that it is not shiny, or greasy– you want the thinnest amount possible. Pat off any excess ointment with a clean paper towel. Do not use Vaseline, petroleum, or Neosporin.Wash, dry and apply ointment 3-5 times daily, as needed.
  • On the first night, you may want to wrap your tattoo in saran wrap to prevent sticking to your bedding. Do not use any cloth bandages or pads, as the fibers of this material can adhere to your open tattoo and hinder the healing process.
  • Wear clean, soft clothing over your tattoo for the first 2 weeks– nothing abrasive or irritating. For a foot tattoo: go barefoot as much as possible. If you must wear shoes, first wrap your clean tattoo in saran wrap, then cover with a clean cotton sock before putting on your shoe. Avoid sandals or flip-flops for this period to prevent chafing and damage to the tattoo.
  • On the 3rd or 4th day your tattoo will begin to peel. This is normal! Do not pick at the skin. Begin using a mild, white, unscented lotion, free of dyes or Perfumes.
  • Use lotion for minimum 10 days, 3-5 times daily.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not pick, scratch, peel, slap, rub or irritate your tattoo.
  • You can shower, but you may not soak your tattoo for 2 weeks. No swimming, soaking or hot tub.
  • You may not expose your tattoo to the sun for at least 3 weeks, after that you must use sun block.
  • Do not wear abrasive materials, jewelry, or shoes that rub against your tattoo.
  • Do not let anyone touch your tattoo, unless they wash their hands.

You Can Also

  • Ice your tattoo to reduce swelling.
  • Elevate your tattoo, to reduce swelling.
  • Take short showers.


If you would like to get in contact with Tikisteve please feel free to send a text message between the hours of 11am and 8pm on the days listed below or you can call the studio during the hours and days listed below 


TEXT ONLY @ 631-512-8494


STUDIO 631-849-1910


Monday 12pm-9pm

Tuesday 12pm-9pm

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Saturday 12pm-9pm

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